Fun Snooker Games

  • 8 Ball Pool by

    8 Ball Pool by

    There are many pool and snooker games out there, but very few are as popular or as on-point as 8-Ball Pool from Miniclip. Forget the 100 million+ downloads that this game has racked up since its release: 8-Ball Pool holds its own with thrilling pool matches that can be played against online opponents and with view to acquiring various upgrades that will boost your performance in the long term.

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  • Pro Snooker 2015

    Pro Snooker 2015

    Sports of the billiards variety are often overlooked when it comes to representation in the gaming world. Various reasons could be presented for this under-representation of cue sports, but it really comes down to audience. Football audiences are substantial which is why football games are ten a penny, but you’ll struggle to find a top-quality snooker game for mobile worth your while. This review is here to tell you to look no further than Pro Snooker 2015 however. A game from successful developer iWare Designs, Pro Snooker 2015 is the most realistic reproduction of the sport available in the palm of your hand. Covering both snooker and pool with a variety of formats, table shapes, and skills variables, there’s some serious content to cover here.

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