Snooker Clubs in the Leeds Area

Most snooker enthusiasts wish to find a good snooker club in order to practice their snooker skills or simply to have fun with friends. Here we endeavour to save players valuable time by seeking out the best snooker clubs in the Leeds area detailing what they offer and where they are located.

Northern Snooker Centre

Northern Snooker Centre

The Northern Snooker Centre is located in the KIrkstall area of Leeds making it pretty central for players who live in the Leeds district to access. The Northern is open three hundred and sixty five days a year. You can't get much more accessible than that we think you will agree!

Established over thirty years ago The Northern offers twenty seven full sized snooker tables, while its match arena has hosted tournaments such as Pot Black and Pro Celebrity Snooker as shown on the BBC. The Northern also caters for players of American pool offering eighteen American pool tables in their first floor American Bar.

Six English pool tables are now also available making this sports club the place to be if you wish to play any of these three popular table games. Prices charged are as follows

  • Snooker tables £5.96 per hour
  • Tournament snooker tables £6.25 per hour
  • Match snooker tables £6.55 per hour
  • Centre Arena table £9.75 per hour
  • American nine ball pool £6.55 per hour
  • English eight ball pool £6.55 per hour

The Northern hosts and sponsors many competitions and tournaments which are

  • Leeds City Championships
  • Yorkshire Championships
  • English Amateur and Open Championships
  • English Junior Championships
  • World Billiards Championships

Coaching is also offered here, while a full membership costs £6.00, £3.00 for juniors and NUS members plus £3.00 for pensioners.

  • Northern Snooker Centre
  • 92 Kirkstall Road
  • Leeds
  • LS3 1LT
  • Tele 0113 243 3015

East Leeds Snooker Club

East Leeds Snooker Club

East Leeds Snooker Club can be found in the Crossgates area of Leeds and is a family run business that was established some twenty years ago. Recently refurbished this club offers superb surroundings in which to play the game in a friendly atmosphere. So what facilities does East Leeds offer to members?

  • 16 full size snooker tables
  • 2 American pool tables (Quiet Area)
  • 4 American pool tables in pool area
  • A match table
  • 6 English pool tables
  • 4 large screen TVs.

The cost of hiring a table is as follows

  • £5.80 per hour per snooker table
  • £5.80 per hour per English pool table
  • £5.80 per hour per American pool table
  • Senior citizens will only pay £3.80 per hour per table

The club also boasts a ten board professional darts arena and two poker tables

The East Leeds Snooker Club also caters for functions plus will provide a DJ for your party if required. Whether you play snooker for fun or take the game more seriously all players are welcome to visit this great snooker club.

  • East Leeds Snooker Club
  • Sandleas Way
  • Leeds
  • LS15 8AW
  • Tele 0113 232 6046

The Snooker Club

The Snooker Club

The Snooker Club began life as the Home Guard Club back in 1942 and is located at the southern end of Roundhay Park in Leeds. New members to the club are assured of a warm welcome, while those considering joining are encouraged to take a look around. Membership fees are as follows

  • Adults £15.00
  • Juniors £7.50
  • Non Playing Members £7.50
  • Country Members 25 miles or more £7.50

The Snooker Club opens Monday to Friday from 5.30pm to 11.15pm and there are a limited number of parking spaces available. The club offers three full size snooker tables, while there are a limited number of cues available to borrow if players have no cue. Those who bring their own cues may hire a locker for £5.00 per year.

The Snooker Club hosts many functions and social events throughout the year such as their Halloween Quiz Night that will be held this year on November 1st, while the club boasts members from all age groups including ages 12 to 85.

  • The Snooker Club
  • Parochial Hall
  • 5 Fitzroy Drive
  • Leeds
  • LS8 4AB
  • Tele 07936 669 634

New Headingley Club

New Headingley Club

The New Headingley Club is a small private club located in the Headingley area of Leeds. The club welcomes new members, while the cost of membership is a mere £10.00 per year. Only members are admitted to the club but members may invite guests with a maximum of two per member twice a month.

The New Headingley Club boasts a superb games room that features three full size snooker tables that are regularly maintained by a company who looks after professional snooker players including Shaun Murphy and Jimmy White. Headingley charges around a mere 80p for thirty two minutes of light per table with a maximum of four players per game. There is also a pool table with its own lighting that costs 50p per game. Tables are offered on a first come first served basis.

The games room also features three wall mounted wide screen TVs, while the club also hosts three snooker tournaments throughout the year in spring, summer and Christmas time plus has their own club teams, two in all, who play in the Leeds Billiards and Leeds Snooker Association Leagues. The Christmas handicap is especially enjoyable as it includes a buffet, a raffle plus a performance by a local church choir.

  • New Headingley Club
  • 56 St Michaels Road
  • Headingley
  • Leeds
  • LS6 3BG
  • Tele 0113 275 7712

The Elbow Room

The Elbow Room

The Elbow Room is an award winning pool and music bar located in Leeds City centre whose atmosphere mimics the old style American pool rooms we see in American movies. The Elbow isn't a snooker club as such but is a venue offering the pleasure of combining having a few drinks with the fun of playing American pool. Facilities offered by the Elbow Room include

  • 15 Sam K traditional American pool tables
  • 12 flat screen TVs
  • Free Pool all day Monday subject to free tables
  • £5.00 "play pool as long as you like" on Sundays.
  • £6.00 per hour Tuesday through Saturday until 5pm
  • £10.00 per hour Tuesday through Saturday after 5pm

At busy times play is limited to one hour, while if players require a table for longer it is advisable to book in advance to save disappointment.

The Elbow Room also caters for parties, serves food and drink plus is offering a whole range of different Christmas packages for its customers to consider. Pool hire combined with buffets is just one of the deals offered here. More information regarding these and other offers is available at the Elbow Room website.

  • The Elbow Room
  • 64 Call Lane
  • Leeds
  • LS1 6DT
  • Tele 0113 227 7661