Snooker Clubs in the Manchester Area

Many of us, both men and women, enjoy playing snooker, while this popular sport is both skilful and a lot of fun. Where can those of us who live in the Manchester area find a good snooker club to join in order to hone our skills plus have a great time too? Let's take a look.

Steven Charles Snooker Centre

Steven Charles Snooker Centre

The Steven Charles Snooker Centre is located in the Green Quarter District close to Victoria Station and is open twenty four hours a day, seven days a week all year round, which is great news for snooker enthusiasts! This family run business boasts sixteen snooker tables and offers a whole host of great features some of which are

  • Snooker tables
  • Billiard tables
  • 5 American pool tables
  • 2 English pool tables
  • Cues chalk and balls provided
  • Pinball machines, video games machines and fruit machines
  • Sports channels on flat screen TV's
  • 30 security cameras ensuring customer safety
  • Disabled facilities

To become a member of Steven Charles players must be eighteen years of age or over, while the club is also licensed to sell alcohol. It costs £15.00 per year for membership and food is served twenty four hours a day, while alcohol is served between 11am and 2am the following morning. Steven Charles has everything the snooker playing enthusiast requires and guests are also welcome too. Further details regarding costs and how to join can be found at the website.

  • Steven Charles Snooker Centre
  • 5-11 Cheetham Hill Road
  • The Green Quarter
  • Manchester
  • M4 4FY
  • Tele 0161 819 1624

Riley's Sports Bar

Rileys Sports Bar

Riley's has been in the sports business for decades and offer a range of sports related games to play and watch in their bars. Those who like to play pool or snooker will find Riley's particularly good as they have been promoting the sport for many years and provide excellent facilities. Riley's located in Chorlton offers professional quality tables for enthusiasts to play on, while hosting matches between many local teams.

Riley's Sports Bar feature twenty six tables in all including

  • 12 snooker tables
  • 11 English pool tables
  • 3 American pool tables

Other facilities offered here include

  • Darts zone
  • Fans zone
  • Bingo machines
  • Power snooker
  • Sky Sports HD on large 3 metre flat screen TV

The club is fully air conditioned plus also has an on-site car park. Membership of the club is free, while joining is easy to do online. Simply fill in the details required on the online application form. Once you are a member of Riley's you will receive online alerts for offers and special promotions at the club, while members may sign in three guests as day members.

  • Riley's Sports Bar
  • 302B Barlow Moor Road
  • Chorlton-Cum-Hardy
  • Manchester
  • M21 8AY
  • Tele 0161 860 4960

Swinton Leisure

Swinton Leisure

Swinton Leisure is located approximately seven miles from Manchester and is a great place to visit when it comes to playing snooker especially for young snooker players as it is the home of the North West Junior Snooker Academy. Swinton host tournaments on a regular basis along with individual and team league events with entry open to all ages and abilities. Tables available include

  • Eleven snooker tables with two steel block cushion match tables being a unique feature
  • Ten pool tables

The late great John Spencer former world champion snooker player has close family ties to Swinton Leisure contributing to this clubs excellent reputation in the Bolton and Greater Manchester area. Swinton also boasts ten superb pool tables and is the home of Greater Manchester's County Black Ball team. Competitive pool is played here with all comers welcome to go along to the club to see just how they may join.

Swinton Leisure offers everything the snooker and pool player requires be they a seasoned player or a beginner Swinton offers a warm welcome. Playing snooker or pool here costs

  • Snooker £6.00 per hour for a table
  • Pool £5.00 per hour for a table
  • Afternoon offer 2 hours snooker/pool £6.00 4 hours £10.00
  • More you play offers 4 hours of snooker £16.80

Further details regarding offers and prices can be found at the website.

  • Swinton Leisure
  • Wellington Road
  • Swinton
  • M27 4BR
  • Tele 0161 794 0672

Hazel Grove Snooker Club

Hazel Grove Snooker Club

Hazel Grove Snooker Club is located in Stockport which is a mere thirty minute drive from Manchester. Hazel Grove was established in 1985 and boasts thirty three full size snooker tables for members to play on. The club also plays host to snooker tournaments such as the EASB pro ticket tour.

American pool and English pool is also played at Hazel Grove, while a private snooker room is available for those who prefer not to have an audience. Snooker coaching is also available here for all age groups and all abilities. With regard to American pool Hazel Grove has five American pool tables with one table out of the way to cater for large parties. They also offer two English pool tables. One table is coin operated, while the other has an electronic mechanism.

Prices per game are

  • 50p per game for English pool
  • £6.00 per hour for American pool
  • £6.50 per hour for American pool secluded table
  • £5.58 per hour for a standard snooker table through to £8.00 per hour for a private room

Those wishing to join Hazel Grove may do so by calling into the club. Membership costs £15.00 per single person, running from December to December, although players are able to join at any time of the year as the cost reduces depending which month they join.

Hazel Grove also welcomes families with a family membership costing £20.00 per year. Pensioners may join at the reduced rate of £10.00 per year while guests pay £2.00 for the day.

  • Hazel Grove Snooker Club
  • Units 1 and 2
  • Macclesfield Road
  • Hazel Grove
  • SK7 5EN
  • Tele 0161 456 0889

Pyramid Snooker

Pyramid Snooker

Pyramid Snooker is located in Dukinfield in Cheshire and welcomes all comers whatever ability, whether you just fancy a quick game or a more serious match this club has it all. Established in 1985 Pyramid offers fourteen full size snooker tables, one American pool table and two English pool tables, while all tables can be booked on an hourly basis with costs set at

  • £4.50 per hour snooker
  • £3.50 per hour English pool
  • £4.50 per hour American pool

The club also features special offers such as special table fees Monday to Friday 11am to 6pm. Further offers are available at the Pyramid website. It's well worth taking a look at the website as Pyramid feature instructions on how to play snooker, English pool and American pool, while all guides are available for download.

Pyramid is a members club therefore enthusiasts are required to become members in order to play here regularly. It costs a mere £8.00 to join for the first year then half that the following years which is very reasonable. Non-members pay £1.00 per visit. Groups and parties are also catered for at Pyramid with food and drinks available for those who wish.

  • Pyramid Snooker
  • 92 King Street
  • Dukinfield
  • Cheshire
  • SK16 4NQ
  • Tele 0161 344 0290

The Albert Club

The Albert Club

The Albert Club is located in West Didsbury Manchester and offers a range of sports facilities including snooker tables. The club also features a bar, live music, regular quizzes and large flat screen TV.

A total of three snooker teams' play from The Albert with two well established while the third is quite new. The snooker room has been recently refurbished making for an ambient atmosphere for players, while the club holds snooker handicaps twice a year that are offered for all members who wish to participate.

The Albert boasts two great full size snooker tables that are used Tuesday and Thursday evenings during winter for matches but may be used at any other time by members of the club. The Albert plays for two snooker leagues which are

  • The Wilmslow and District Snooker League
  • The Levenshulme and District Snooker League

Details regarding joining The Albert are available at the website along with costs for room hire and other offers that are available.

  • The Albert Club
  • 39-41 Old Lansdowne Road
  • Didsbury
  • Manchester
  • M20 2PA
  • Tele 0161 445 1056