Pro Snooker 2015

Pro Snooker 2015

The Best Billiards on Mobile?

Sports of the billiards variety are often overlooked when it comes to representation in the gaming world. Various reasons could be presented for this under-representation of cue sports, but it really comes down to audience. Football audiences are substantial which is why football games are ten a penny, but you’ll struggle to find a top-quality snooker game for mobile worth your while. This review is here to tell you to look no further than Pro Snooker 2015 however. A game from successful developer iWare Designs, Pro Snooker 2015 is the most realistic reproduction of the sport available in the palm of your hand. Covering both snooker and pool with a variety of formats, table shapes, and skills variables, there’s some serious content to cover here.

On the Table

For snooker/pool/billiards purists, the most important aspect of the game won’t necessarily be its content, but rather the level of realism in the gameplay. It is easy to say without hyperbole or exaggeration that this is likely to be the most realistic cue-sports game you’re ever likely to play. Whether you choose to opt for snooker or pool played on a variety of tables (dimensions and designs all conforming to the appropriate regulations), the central pillar of the gameplay is a realistic cue-control system that allows you to properly manipulate the balls, which are in turn subject to the most accurate physics you’re ever likely to experience in a billiards game.

Getting down on a shot is simple as it is the default camera angle (these can be changed to other angles such as a top-down few, for example), and playing the shot is as easy as swiping left or right in order to change the direction of the cue. The on-screen feedback system gives you visual cues; angles of incidence and reflection emanate from the balls in the colours of the corresponding ball that will follow said path. This means that it isn’t all about guesswork, and you can accurately plan the angle of your shot before you press the shot button in the bottom-right hand corner.


Furthermore, you’ve got features that serve to heighten the realism. Things such as the cue-chalking button (bottom-right hand corner; you might miscue if you don’t keep it chalked) and the spin/swerve screen where you get to indicate the position at which you will strike on the cue ball, all indicate that iWare Designs were meticulous in designing this app for the serious snooker and/or pool player. However, the visible-shot-angle interface also lets the most inexperienced players enjoy the fun as well.

Pro Snooker 2015


Beyond the gameplay, Pro Snooker 2015’s content comes from the variety in its modes of play. If you’re in a rush, you’ve got Quick Play’s fast setup time and AI-based opponents to get you straight into the action. If you’ve got more time however, you can opt for Multiplayer to put your skills to the test against other players of Pro Snooker 2015. Tournament and League events count as premium content, though they can be purchased – along with the removal of the advertisements and additional content such as bespoke tables and heightened levels of customisation – for a one-off in-app purchase of £3.49.

The additional paid-for content isn’t necessary to enjoy the game, but it does allow you to unlock all of the game modes as well as additional styles of table from both snooker and pool regulations and even match types that conform to WPA and WPBSA regulations. Experienced players will also revel in the choice of tables available, which ranges from the standard, rectangular 8, 10, and 12-foot snooker tables to the more unusual shapes like octagonal, L-Shaped, and square-shaped tables. You can even customise the type of baize on the table as well as the colour of its various features – even the balls can be customized.

With all of the above content and highly realistic gameplay taken into consideration, it is difficult not to label Pro Snooker 2015 as being the most realistic and content-filled snooker/pool game out there. With realism reaching heights that mean the game conforms to various regulations prescribed the WPBSA and the WPA, this is one the most realistic mobile snooker games available today, with highly polished graphics and an incredibly functional interface to boot.